I am so excited that the new blog site is now up and running (as well as the new beautiful website)!!! I hope to use this blog not only show you guys some great images of weddings and portrait sessions, but I also wanted to show you a glimpse into my day to day life! So I thought I would start this new blog off on a personal note. Enjoy!

Let me tell you about my talented parents. They love us. They love the Lord. They love the South. And they love most anything handmade (and we wonder where I get it!) πŸ™‚ From my earliest memories of my mom I can see her painting, sewing, stitching, drawing…Whatever her medium was, it was great. And my dad, he works hard but plays harder. He has built so many things around their home, and now, ours as well. Together, they built my boys the most amazing tree house. And their latest project was my new Dining Room Table! It is spectacular! I was thrilled when a client came in last week and had to photograph it, because, he too likes to build things and saw the beauty in the design and wood! What an honor to call these two crafty handy folks mine!

Here are a few images of the table! (Dad also wrote us notes on the underside of the framing. He said we would always know it was built with his love, and his hands!) How many people can say that they have a hand written note by the builder! πŸ™‚

We are blessed.


table_-2 table_-3 table_-4 table_-7 table_-10 table_-12 table_-14 table_-16 table_-18 table_-20 table_-24 table_-29

I also included a few photos of the craft table he build for the boys! It is perfect! (and made from old spindles we snatched up from a local antique store)

And…my killer drink shelf. Isn’t this just perfection (except the wine decanter is empty) πŸ™‚ Β This is made from a recycled cabinet door!